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Curio in Latin means “an unusual object of outstanding interest”. As the meaning suggests, we bring textures, patterns and designs reminiscent of traditional art techniques – that lights up your house in a unique manner. This deeply imbibed essence of cultures and old-world inspiration is all rendered atop colourful gradients that create an unmistakable style and appeal.

Launched in 1993, Curio Crafts is a government recognised export house located at Sector 57 Noida, the hub of development in the NCR. Headed by Mr Rakesh Jain, our manufacturing facilities are spread over 55,000 sq. ft.with all the latest equipment, quality control systems, environment-friendly premises one of the country’s best teams of craftsmen and engineers.

Curio prides itself of attention to detail, impeccable quality of work, a strong customer focus and the long term relationships that stand as the proof of its achievements. Years of industry experience and a portfolio of outstanding designs make Curio Crafts the right choice to create an aesthetically commemorated living space.

Our Vision

We are committed to constantly delivering high-value work and to elevate people’s lifestyle through unparalleled home décor solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to understand the aspirations of our customers and support them with design solutions that are high-quality, authentic and inspiring.

factory &

C-10 & 11, Sector 57, Phase 3,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh,


B-05/19-31, First Floor,
India Exposition Mart,
Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh,


Peek Into Our World
Our presentation includes products for every lifestyle budget. Our collection with new material and design, tells us a story within the living space. Our products are fresh, on-trend and versatile. What makes us different is that we have thoughtfully designed all our ranges to co-ordinate with other accessories across a variety of lifestyle and price point.


Wall Decor

Holiday decor

Candle Lighting

Accent Furniture

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Curio Crafts is committed to managing the complexities of international shipping, distribution and business transactions for home décor and products. While our satisfied portfolio of clients comprises of a melange of high-end luxury stores, mass-market retailers, boutiques and importers, we pride ourselves for having served customers across the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East. Following the overwhelming response and immense success in the international markets, we have now ventured into the domestic segment with various retail and boutique outlets.

Our export portfolio comprises of high-end upmarket stores, mass-market retailers, boutiques and importers.we are proud to have exported to various overseas markets like USA, Europe, Latin America.

Witnessing the overwhelming response and immense success in the international markets we have now ventured into the domestic segment with various retail and boutique store.