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The CURIO Expertise

Curio prides itself on attention to detail, impeccable quality of work, a strong customer focus and the long-term relationships that stand as the proof of its achievements. Years of industry experience and a portfolio of outstanding designs make Curio Crafts the right choice to create an aesthetically commemorated living space.


In Curio Crafts, we believe that Research & Development is the foundation of any collection. Our R&D teams source and develop the latest material, finishes and washes ahead of the market. The team works closely with our extensive network in order to provide quality products to our clients.

Sample Development

Our in-house sampling team enables us to deeply look into the process of development and monitor/guide the work accordingly. Our Technical Support Teams ensure that samples are created and developed safely according to clients’ product required specifications.

Design & Innovation

Our team of designers travels around the world to look for design inspirations and novel ideas that breathe new designs to our customer's specifications. We add value to our customers and come up with new designs and innovations while keeping true to their brand identity.

Production & Packing

We have experienced technical experts on-site who monitor and control the quality at our factory. With our experienced and skilled Quality Control teams, we can provide our clients with the transparency and controls needed to measure the quality of each order.

High-quality work that elevates people's lifestyles

Unparalleled home decor solutions to companies across the world

Exclusive state-of-the-art showroom at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The CURIO Advantage

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